Yoga Mat- Exercise Ball – Ab Wheel – Cooling Towel
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Yoga Mat- Exercise Ball – Ab Wheel – Cooling Towel



Perfect home fitness set with cooling towel. For the serious trainer!

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Perfect for Pilates, Yoga and Child Development, this exercise ball helps develop lower back and ab muscles for a stronger core.
Exercise Ball Features:

Built with strong Anti-Slip PVC material, you will be able to work out and tone the upper and lower body in one workout.

Gain better balance and flexibility without joint strain. You can use the ball anywhere, whether you are in the office, home, garden or park. Easily deflates for storage and transportation.

Use to strengthen & tone, muscles & bones of the hips, back, legs, hands, arms and shoulders
Helps develop overall body muscle, balance and coordination
A great exercise alternative for any age and fitness level
Washable and easy to care for

Material: PVC
Diameter: 55cm
Weight Capacity: 270 lbs (123 kg)

Yoga Mat Features:
– 173cm x 60cm is large enough to let you stretch
– Lightweight mat is comfortable and durable, great for many leisure activities.
– Great for camping, hiking, Fishing, yoga mat, Beach Mat and mountaineering as it keeps cold and dampness away from the body.
– Can also be used for many floor exercises, for sitting in the garden, picnics, etc.
– The mat is waterproof and can be easily wiped clean.

Ab Wheel Features:
Targets ABS and Core , Tones and strengthens abs, arms and back muscles to help build strong tight core and ab muscles for back support and posture. Ideal for strengthening and toning your abs, arms and thighs, the exercise wheel makes an excellent addition to a home gym. Simple and comfortable to use, the exercise wheel comes equipped with easy-grip foam handles and a smooth rolling wheel.

– Wheel 16cm(Diameter)
– Spacer in between wheels
– Knee pad mat
– Type: Exercise & Gym Flooring

Cooling Towel Features:
– Stays cool for hours
– Hyper evaporative breathable mesh material makes it easy to activate the chilling towel when
you simply soak, wring out and snap it
– Used as a cooling bandana or neck wrap
– Dimensions: 80cm x 29cm

Note: colours may vary.

What’s in the box
1x Gym Ball
1x Yoga Mat
1x Ab wheel with Mat
1x Cooling Towel


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