Ultimate Gel Nail Polish Starter Kit and Professional 54W LED Gel Nail Lamp
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Ultimate Gel Nail Polish Starter Kit and Professional 54W LED Gel Nail Lamp



Ultimate Gel Nail Polish Kit with 54Watt LED Nail Lamp. Get perfect GEL nails every time!

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The ultimate starter kit is the last nail kit you will ever need for perfect nails every time.
In this kit, we included everything you would need to do your nails at home and get that salon-quality finish.
Changing the way we create nail enhancements.
Applied as quickly as gel polish and cured for the same amount of time.
Whether you sculpt over forms or use as an overlay for tips or the natural nail this product does it all.
Having a thicker consistency to regular builder gel and applied in a way more resembling acrylic application means even stronger nail and quicker application.

We have also included a Matt Top Coat
This coat will create a MATT LOOK finish to your normal colour nail polish
It will be used as a protective layer as well, which prolongs the life of your colour nail polish.
It will intensify the MATT LOOK of the nail polish for a perfect finish

The kit comes with the Magic Nail Polish Remover, which works by breaking down the gel polish surface instantly and automatically, you no longer need to wait for a long time or go to a professional nail salon to get it done.
– No more soaking in acetone
– No more foils
– No more sanding and filing them off
– All you need to do is just apply the gel polish remover over nails wait 5 minutes and peel it off
– Try and avoid getting the Remover on your skin.

What’s in the box
1x 54Watt LED Nail Lamp
1x 10ml Base Coat
1x 2in1 Gel or Acrylic Primer
1x 10mlTop Coat
1x 10mlMatt Coat
1x Color Nail Polish Needed Me No:001
1x Color Nail Polish Birthday Cake No:016
1x Color Nail Polish Cockiness No:029
1x Color Nail Polish WORK No:034
1x Color Nail Polish POSE No:042
1x Color Nail Polish Higher No:105
1x Color Nail Polish Complicated No:120
1x Steel Cuticle Pusher
1x Pair Toe Separator
1x Steel Cuticle Nipper
+-40 Lint Free Nail Wipes
+-10 Round Cotton Wipes
1x 60ml Acetone in Pump Dispenser Bottle
1x Nail File (Color May Vary)
1x Cuticle Oil
1x Soft Cleaning Brush (Color May Vary)
1x Gel Finishing Liquid
1x Gel Magic Nail Polish Remover

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