Nano Moisture Spray – Mister – White


A very Handy Atomizing Facial Spray. Also used to sanitize multiple surfaces with non-alcoholic sanitizer

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Multi – function:
It can be used for face, body, hair and other parts of the body, to prevent hair static electricity, reduce wrinkles and skin sensitivity.

Size : 10x3x3cm

Tightening Skin Pores:
Nano mist spray will calm down the hunger skin after sunburn or after applying a face mask or facial massage, use the nano mist sprayer that will supply oxygen to make skin recover quickly.

Acne Therapy:
Nano mist sprayer can be used for treating acne and revitalize back the skin to normal with the ultra-fine particle that is produced.

Suitable for all kinds of skin.
– People who are always facing computer screens or sitting in an air conditioning room.
– People who frequently are under sun exposure.
– People who often stay up late with dry skin.
– People who use makeup.
– People with water and oil imbalances.

Fill the water bank with mineral water! (Highly silicic acid in mineral water is an essential element in human skin tissue and has the function of increasing skin elasticity and maintaining tissue integrity around elastic fibres which can make skin full of elasticity, moisture and increase trace minerals)

What’s in the box
1 x Nano Moisture Spray – Mister – White


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