Jenga Gold & Jenga Octagon Jenga Brick- 2 Pack

Jenga Gold & Jenga Octagon Jenga Brick- 2 Pack


Take the Classic Jenga game to next level with this Jenga 2 pack

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Jenga Gold version: if a players block has a star, it’s “real” gold, keep it. If there’s no star, it’s “fool’s” gold so place it on top. When the tower crashes down everyone scrambles to find the “real” gold. Includes 54 blocks

Jenga Octagon: like with the classic jenga game, This edition is all about the blocks. But now players need to push, pull, and stack the blocks while keeping the octagon shape. Includes 45 blocks

Ages: 6+
Players: 1-8
Material – Plastic
Ideal for children and adults
Easy to learn and play
Stacking Blocks included

Whats included:

1 x Jenga Gold
1 x Jenga Octagon


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