Gel Nail Polish UV – ENVY No110
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Gel Nail Polish UV – ENVY No110



Color Gel Nail polish requires uv nail lamp with base & top coat

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Applied as quickly as gel polish and cured for the same amount of time.
Whether you sculpt over forms or use as an overlay for tips or the natural nail this product does it all.
Having a thicker consistency to regular builder gel and applied in a way more resembling acrylic application means even stronger nail and quicker application.
UV Nail Lamp Required to cure nail polish.

– UV Gel Polish
– No Nicks, Chips Or Smudges
– Non-Toxic Resin
– High-Quality Gel with Low Smell and Good Tenacity
– Colour Longevity and Intensity
– Nail Dryer(UV Lamp) Required
– Base Coat Required
– Easy Application & Durable

Easy to Use:
This gel polish is easy to apply and long-lasting. Once applied it can last a long time provided it is cured properly via a UV LED lamp.

UV Gel Polish:
This set’s gel is cured and toughened by putting it under UV light in a nail lamp.

Superior Quality:
This gel is made from natural resin that ensures durability. The gel allows the nails to breathe while simultaneously providing strength to your natural nail.


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