Face Steamer Pro
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Face Steamer Pro



Skin Moisturizer: Full Face Steamer for intensive skincare. Enjoy aromatherapy sauna at home.

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Skin Moisturizer: Full face steamer for intensive skincare and inhalation+ T-zone attachment for nose and mouth inhalation to clear your blocked nose, with humidifier function.

Made of superior material, it is durable and safe to use.
Deep moisturizing effectively, improving skin nutritional absorbency.
Also relieving sinuses and cleansing pores.
Can be used on normal, oily, dry, combination and sensitive skin types.
Compact design, it is portable to carry anytime and anywhere.
With 2 grades control can choose the one you need.
Suitable for home, office and travel use.
The stream of warm mist covers your whole face with its finely tuned nozzle, quickly opening up pores to thoroughly remove makeup, dirt and other impurities from the skin.

Can replenish the face missing moisture effectively and keep moisture balance of the skin, reduce wrinkles and make skin supple, moist and more elastic

Can clear the hair follicles and discharge the grease, dust, etc. of pores, and also can kill the Propionibacterium acnes effectively and prevent and treat acne

Promote the blood circulation of face and skin metabolism, sent the nutrients to the inside of the skin cells through the tiny blood vessels and make the skin smooth, moisture, tender and rosy, and also can delay the ageing of the facial skin

Can relieve Cold and Rhinitis symptoms, have Therapeutic effects on the eye/ear, nose, Pharyngitis/Keratitis/Tracheitis

Add the spices and essential oils to the steamer, then you can enjoy aromatherapy sauna at home.


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