PROFESSIONAL NAIL POLISH REMOVER: Formulated to gently remove nail polish, glitter or nail glue from your nails. Our formula acts quickly and effectively, removing even the toughest polish, leaving your nails ready for your next manicure!
FOR NATURAL, GEL OR ACRYLIC NAILS: BUFFTEE Pure Acetone easily removes nail polish, gel or shellac polish, sculptured nail forms and nail art, artificial nails, glitter polish or nail glue. You can use our professional nail polish remover straight from our bottle or from an acetone dispenser. With BUFFTEE Pure acetone, you will not need to visit the salon to get your mani or pedi removed!
EASY TO USE –Moisten a little cotton ball or nail wipe, then, massage nail bed pressing firmly from cuticle to nail tip and wipe clean. Use cotton swabs to remove polish from difficult areas. You will have clean nails in no time! Acetone has many other practical uses as a cleaner or gentle solvent
WARNING : Harmful if swallowed. Keep this and all products out of the reach of children.
+-100 ml – 99 % Pure Acetone
BUFFTEE Pure Acetone is Manufactured in South Africa.


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